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February 22, 2015

This is a very late post, but an essential one to continue here

Few weeks back (about 4), on a weekend, like always, I left my laptop running for an upgrade overnight. Unfortunately I forgot to plut it in to a power source, and what an evil coincidence! Exactly when the system was making changes to the file-system, battery died out. Hard crash. Next day I spent hours trying to recover system files from / but it didn't work out.

And even the thought of re-installing everything from scratch was giving me shivers. (I was using Arch linux). So I thought of an easy way and installed Ubuntu. I am so used to Arch, and its flexibility that sticking with other distributions is almost impossible now. The next day I had to move back to Arch. What a waste!

The last time I had installed this thing on my laptop was when I was using a very slow Internet connection, and that's why I had that bad feeling of losing too much of time. But within few hours I had installed all the basic tools, Awesome WM (with it being configured), and yeah, a decent .Xresources with a decent font for urxvt.

I stole rc.lua from this place on GitHub. However, it didn't work out of the box, I had to make some changes to widgets to get them working.

So the good 'ol set-up had Dropbox installed, an excellent Markdown editor whose name I don't remember now, everything was perfect but I lost it. And because of my laziness, I've been procrastinating the task of getting it all back together. Truth be told, Scriptogram is broken. For every post you have to log in to Scriptogram and click a button to make it sync with Dropbox. My assumption of it being a temporary problem was wrong. It's in beta, and the project seems inactive. Till we find a perfect solution or end up building one, let's stick with Blogger.

Below, is a screenie (check the cool widgets in the top right corner!).
Running ncurses-based apps are -- Newsbeauter, and irssi.(click on the image to see in full resolution)


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