India loses

March 26, 2015

If this was 2003 today, most probably I would have cried. I was a huge cricket follower back then, like any other Indian (mostly because of my cousin, who is probably a bit more crazy about cricket than an average person).

In 2003's world cup final India lost to Australia with a BIG difference, and I didn't know how to digest it. For the next few days I had wished for some magic to happen, and the match to be played again, or the time to revert back to the same day of finals right before the match. I am not sure, but probably that could be the reason why I don't follow cricket today.

I know it's just a game (or a movie) but whenever I end up watching a match (or a movie), I can't stop myself from connecting with it emotionally. And so, end up wrecked in worst cases. I am glad that I have successfully disconnected myself from Cricket, and Bollywood movies a long time ago.

A scarred heart knows a thing or two more than a shiny one


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