March 1, 2015

I finally had the opportunity to finish this book while I was travelling yesterday. Not a big book, but still took the longest to finish, since I hardly get any time to read nowadays.

Jon Grady, and his team members are all strapped.. Richard Cotton, a terrorist, who hates technology and wants to bring humanity back to medieval age found about Grady's research, and wants to punish them. He will be the one to send them to Hell. And so he does. In a boom, Grady's workshop explodes, and he is "dead" along with his team. But there is a twist. After a while, Grady gets back his consiousnes, and wonders if he is alive. He indeed was. He was never dead.
Well, the BTC sacked him for his epic research. Antigravity. Anyway, BTC (Bureau of Technology Control) *was* a part of the government, which has lost track of it and doesn't even know if such thing existed. Meanwhile, BTC has grown into a large - underground organisation which, basically, controls technology! And the reason to do so is to prevent the social order. All the inventions including self-sustaining fusion reactors, quantam computers, cancer cure, are there! It's just that humans have no idea that they exist. What BTC does after sacking these Inventors is propose them a position at BTC, if accepted, all good, if not, they send them to the Hibernity.
Hibernity is a "special" prison for these Inventors. This prison is a project in itself. Each inventor is held in individual cells, which is totally isolated from the outside world and other cells. No windows, nothing. (Secret: the prison exists under an island). Food, and energy is all automated. Each cell has an AI, "working" on the prisonar. The goal of this AI is to learn about how their brains work. And to develop a consciousness without free will. But some of these prisonars have managed to gain control over these AIs, and so their cells. One of which, Chattopadhay, helps Grady get control over his cell too. But they can't escape since these cells cannot be broken from inside.
BTC is in trouble. BTC Asia, and BTC Russia (their own fragments, rogue AIs) are trying to get more powerful than their own parent organisation. But to make sure that the BTC remains powerful, its Director, Hedrik, wants to make use of Grady's Antigravity more efficiently. But none at BTC has been able to understant the technology in last few years. So they had to make a decision -- of freeing Grady. His inmates get to know about this news ahead of time and hatch a plan for Grady's escape, hoping, that he will come back to free them.
After which, the rest of the book is all -- action. Grady successfuly frees his inmates, brings down BTC, and also happens to marry the genetically modified, parent-less, lab-produced, better-than-any-other-human, Alexa! Damn, I feel jealous.

The book was overall OK, I was probably expecting more from it because of the thrill I had while reading his Daemon, and Freedom. Not too much of science - which is good. (Except for few initial chapters). But yeah, worth a read!


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