Random portrait IV

April 20, 2015

Few weeks back I found myself lost on Pinterest again, and stumbled  upon a photograph which I thought would be interesting to draw. So I whip out my tools, and start drawing. After spending like an hour I gave up on that face because it was worse than what I think is my personal worse-meter. Anyway, since the purpose of making all these posts about everything I do is to keep a record of progress in those things, I just can't get away from sharing my mistakes. So below is an absolute failure.

I like her nose though

Yesterday, a visit to PAC was written in my fate. haha. PAC is a little boring, it's more like a class so I don't attend it regularly. Also, who wants to wake up before 10 on Sundays? But the people who attend, and organize the PAC are just awesome! It has never happened that I have been to PAC and I haven't learned a thing, or talked to a complete stranger. It's refreshing. Yesterday's was one of the good ones. Here is what I managed to draw under a tree..

First time I ever drew a tree.

Anyway, the day before PAC I was planning to draw something for about a week. Which I did. Browsing Pinterest for interesting photographs is *very* time consuming. It's not just about whether I like the face but also it needs to have some interesting shades, expressions, and it's got to be a bit challenging. Below is my attempt at a sad looking face.

Asymmetric eyes. Washed out forehead. Not good.
Oh yes. The only fact I like about this attempt is the expressions -- you can look at it and wonder if she was sad and confused. Except that, nothing else is acceptable. Yeah, except upper lip too.


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