Paranda Nights

May 13, 2015

Cold, silky smooth breezes were flowing, and I was loving the way it was touching my skin. I was craving for more of it with every passing gust. I was loving this deep, sugary, pink early morning sleep. It was just beautiful.

Suddenly, I heard my mobile beep, with my eyes closed, I fumbled across with my right arm to get my hand on it. With one eye squinted, I looked for the 'Stop' button on it and clicked it. I went back to my sugary sleep. Somehow, randomly I realized, it was all false. It was just an illusion -- or a dream!

There was no silky, smooth, clean, fresh air but warm and still air around. With my eyelids closed, I couldn't sense the brightness outside because it was kind of dark and gloomy. Curiously, and reluctantly I opened my eyes and ...
                DISAPPOINTMENT ..

For two days in last week I was at my aunt's place. It is a small village, which is in Paranda, Maharashtra. I have always loved clean air, quiet, cool and green place. Though it is very hard to find a green place in summer, the rest of the things were present. Both days I slept on the house terrace and .. well.. it's hard to explain ..

You lay down and keep your eyes open, you can easily see as many stars as your eyes can allow you (I kept my glasses on so that I could tell the difference between ground and sky). No dust, no pollution, a clean and clear sky, full of so many beautiful stars. Fresh and chilly air that is not so chilly so that you'd feel uncomfortable and need a blanket. Best of all, no mosquitoes! If you ask me my idea of heaven, this experience would be a part of it.

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P.s. I am planning to release the next part of the story by coming monday.


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