What now?

July 7, 2015

In between a long conversation with my mom, yesterday..

Mom: No, no, no! you should get married by 25. That's the right age to get married.
Me: (Trying to divert the topic, in a sad tone) Ah, mammy, I'm already 24! I didn't even realize how I got this old! It still feels like just yesterday I was in school. How did this happen!?
Mom: You're right. The pictures of you being a baby are still in my eyes, as if they're just one day old. I didn't realize how all these years went by! It's like just yesterday you were a baby!

I got rid of the-conversation-I-am-not-supposed-to-have-at-this-age with her by saying that, but, it pivoted into something - which sparked a scary thought in my mind -- What if I wake up tomorrow, and find myself old? Too old to do anything? Which really has happened till now. I can't remember, what I have done till now since the day I started going to school. Off course I know what I've done, but the memories are so blurred that it's hard to believe them. It's like all these years have slipped away in just one moment. I have aged, without even living. What really happened?

Today, I happened to come across this beautiful video. It's about a guy who quits his job and goes ride his bike across the world. It's not about travel nor about riding a bike. You should listen to his explanation of why he's doing what he's doing. It just clicks almost every single word I said in the paragraph above. It's like his explanation is The answer to the questions above. According to him, we lose our time if we get into routines. Routine kills time. Routine kills life. I am not sure if that's correct, that should be a topic of research. I am kind of curious if his solution really applies to all. It's definitely true that new things always amaze us. Travel for instance, brings us new experiences in forms of new places, people, cultures, food, and many more things I can't think of now.

Last sunday's visit to beautiful Mekedatu only makes me believe

Yet again, I think, is that the true purpose of living this life? To be able to remember all the amazing things I've done in my life on my deathbed? I don't know. I wish the picture was clear. Life is a dark mist. Something needs to be changed.


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