Animal Farm and Human Society

September 21, 2016

Recently I read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It’s a novella (a long short story, as they call it – or a small novel, in simple words). Though it’s kind of a funny story written in a simple language, I think it greatly relates to the way human society has been working.

(Spoilers ahead)

To summarize the book – The story is about animals becoming aware of how poorly humans were treating them, and them taking control over their own lives. Though it began really well for the animals after the revolt against their human owner, soon things take a bad turn. The human in certain animals awakes. This makes the situation for other animals worse than their ruled-by-human days.

I don’t know if other people felt the same (I haven’t read any reviews yet), but I think the author wanted to show how human society works through this story. I could relate most of the things that happened in the story with real life incidences – with humans. There’s both good and evil in there.

This particular farm had all kinds of animals. Human level smart ones (the pigs), and sheep level stupid ones (the sheep). There were two main leaders after the revolt (obviously, pigs). Other animals had a good image of both of them, but only one deserved it.

This does not necessarily relate to the difference between intelligence level of each human being – but it does relate to the level of ignorance with which we live our lives. The non-ignorant people can be both good and bad with what they know, or with what they have realized. For instance, Savitri started the first school in India for women. She had realized that women hold as good right to education as men. This might seem like a quite normal thing today, but for the 19th century Indian mentality it was quite wrong.

Also, If we think, all the wars that ever happened in the world were fought for nothing (you will probably disagree with me on this one, but do give it a thought). Even if we see a whole country (by whole I mean all of the population) going against another country, for say, a piece of land – The hatred arises at a certain point when a leader comes along and proclaims that land, and gives great speeches about how that land was theirs, how it was all green and peaceful, and how people lived merrily there once, and how miserable their lives have become after becoming a part of the other nation. It is then, when these (sheep like) people blindly believe in these (pig like) leaders, and follow them along to wherever they lead. Mostly violence, wars. These leaders may be true, but there has to be some validation of truthness from us (I mean this for things other than violence).

The point is, we (including myself) follow things blindly. What we read in the newspaper, or see on TV does not necessarily mean truth. It is these deceitful sources of information that pollute our minds with evil information that causes us to become devils without our knowledge.

Most of us want a peaceful life. Bellies filled with delicious food, good entertainment for the mind, and quiet sleep in the night. That is all we need. The remaining people who are greedy and want more, are mostly the cause of evil.


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