September 13, 2016

A young mind gets excited about anything. Birthday is no exception. As your age goes upwards, the excitement goes downwards. Science people would call it the variables being inversely proportional. The variables being age, and the amount of excitement. Obviously, the amount at which it affects can be different for different people. Also, there will be outliers to this equation.

Birthday (dictionary)

Lately, I had grown tired of all the Internet notifications from all the sources, the calendar app on my laptop, Google mail, Facebook mail and whatnot. It would have been okay with these notifications, if these were limited to the only people I care about and would be bothered to wish them their day.

People might be enjoying birthdays for the sake of their existence, or just for a break out of their normal lives. For the sake of joy, in short. But now I think, one of the primary goals of life should be – being able to be joyful every day, every moment. I believe, it can be achieved. Afterall, everything resides in the mind. All we need to do is, learn how to program it to be festive all the times.

I personally used to feel obliged to wish people their birthday, and used to expect others to wish me the same. Now I think, it is foolish to think likewise both ways. Either way, you are just hurting yourself. Letting go of this burden would only make oneself lighter.

This is a letting-go-of-birthdays post. I won’t be celebrating mine, nor others (children being exception here). But yes, if I find myself in a group of people who are celebrating someone’s birthday, I will tag along to have a piece of cake and the sweets (and somtimes a lunch, or dinner).


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