A Cosmic Accident

December 17, 2016

We talk about various things. Very often our views differ about things. I try hard to explain why I think a particular way looks right to me, but it does not work out and I fail most of the times. Few days back, we had one of such a conversation which resulted in opposite views. Which made me think about how and why the things are the way they are. Be it our existence in the universe, or why a person thinks in a certain way or does the things she does.

To me, it does not look like any event is planned. Everything is happening by chance. By accident.

Our every action is led by our mind, which has developed over the period of our existence since birth. First our parents, then people from surroundings, friends from school, books we read, movies we watch, music we listen, thoughts we think, objects we come in touch with - anything and everything that our senses can sense have moulded our mind in a certain way. Everyone’s mind. And all these events were obviously different for each person. Which is what makes them who they are.

Now, if we think about all the sources through which our minds are being shaped - I do not see how these sources can be controlled. For instance, some parents may want their child to become a great musician. Hense, they will probably surround the child with some instruments. They might also hire a musician to give some lessons. This will most likely work out, the child may become a musician, but the greatness is hard to engineer.

It all depends on which way looks impressive to that young mind. For instance, the child may come in contact with other kids in school who are inclined towards sports - which, if that child finds more interesting, that will certainly sabotage the grand plans of her parents. A child is very much likely to spend more time with people from outside of the family and hence, likely to develop a mind which is unlike her parents. Parents can’t possibly engineer a child’s future with a decent success rate.

That was about a mind. I do not remember enough science to put in details why, or how we came into existence (theories, off course), but I remember enough to point it out that - certain gases had to come in contact in certain amount in the infinite space to form the world that we live in. Hense, Us, the consciousness, came into existence becaue of that. Just an accident.


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